The Beauty of Truth

I’m sitting in a beautiful hotel room with my best friend.  We have known each other for 26 years.  Our friendship has evolved through many stages.  Our teen years, where we had no idea who we were and struggled to fit in, not knowing there was a difference between fitting in and belonging.  Our tumultuous twenties, when we still had no idea who the hell we were, but had a better understanding of the type of people we wanted to be, and started to become those people.  Our thirties, which were spent figuring out this “family” thing.  She married a wonderful man and had two babies.  I found an amazing woman and we have five crazy fur babies. Now we are in our forties and we are becoming the women we were born to be.

We are in this fabulous hotel for a purpose.  We are at a conference for other wellness minded individuals who, like us, want to become leaders in their fields.  She is going to help women overcome the feeling of overwhelm brought on by trying to be everything to every person in their life (visit to learn more).  I am going to assist that women who has yet to find her place, who has not connected to her inner Self, the inner truth that is her soul purpose.

I am so exalted and relieved to be entering this new phase of my life, to become this entrepreneurial person.  I am also terrified and unsure.  Without fear, we don’t know where to go.  Most often in life, that thing that you are afraid to do is the thing that will provide you with the most growth.  It is the thing that is exactly what you are supposed to be doing.  I spent most of my life running away from myself.  Unsure of who I was supposed to be, or who I was supposed to become.  I did the things that were expected of me.  It wasn’t until five years ago when I started doing what my Soul told me to do, that the magic started to happen.  I learned to follow my heart.  That was when I met my incredible wife and all kinds of new and glorious doors started flying open in front of me.  I began to explore energy work.  I started to listen to the little voice inside my head that whispers guidance.

I am a certified Master Coach.  I have the tools and talent to lead women back to themselves.  Book a Connection Call with me so that we can start to bring you back to your light.


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